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Carers' Resource: Providing vital support to young and adult carers

17 April 2024

At THE LOCAL LOTTO, we're committed to supporting causes that make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals within our community. Today, we proudly shine a spotlight on Carers' Resource, an independent, award-winning Yorkshire charity dedicated to providing vital support to unpaid carers. 


Bringing joy and respite to carers

Carers' Resource is a lifeline for young and adult carers, who selflessly dedicate themselves to looking after their loved ones. These individuals provide crucial care to family members, friends, or neighbours who, due to various circumstances such as disability, illness, or frailty, rely on their assistance for daily living. 

Carers' Resource offers a range of services, including information, advice, and practical support, tailored to meet the unique needs of carers and those they care for. From emotional support to practical assistance, Carers' Resource ensures that unpaid carers receive the help they need to navigate their caregiving journey with resilience and strength. 


Raising funds through THE LOCAL LOTTO

Your participation in THE LOCAL LOTTO directly contributes to Carers' Resource's mission of supporting unpaid carers in the Harrogate, Bradford, Craven, and Selby areas. Your ticket purchases help fund a variety of activities and initiatives designed to provide much-needed respite and support for carers in our community. 

Since joining THE LOCAL LOTTO, Carers' Resource has received tremendous support, raising £4,731 to date. This generosity has enabled the charity to fund various excursions and initiatives for young carers, such as trips and activities that offer a well-deserved break from their caregiving responsibilities. 


How funds are being used

The funds raised through THE LOCAL LOTTO have helped pay for new supplies for Carers' Resource’s regular youth clubs, including board games, card games, Lego and VR games, as well as books and resources used during their one-to-one mentoring sessions. 

The charity is also using the funds to pay for popular activities such as the Baking Bottles, which they distribute to young carers and their families so that they can do baking activities at home. For young carers such as Jack, Benjy and Noah, Navjot and Manjot, baking is a welcome opportunity to do something different and take a break from their caring responsibilities. 

Trips organised with the funds raised have offered vital moments of respite for young carers like Eva. A visit to Fountains Abbey last summer provided her with a much-needed break and a chance to connect with other carers her age. These outings not only offer relaxation and enjoyment but also create opportunities for young carers to forge meaningful connections with peers who share similar experiences. 


Let’s continue supporting carers!

Your support helps Carers' Resource to continue providing essential services and enriching experiences for unpaid carers in our community. 

Whether it's lending a helping hand, organising a fundraising event, or simply spreading the word, every contribution makes a difference in the lives of those who dedicate themselves to caring for others. 

  • Buy your ticket to support Carers' Resource: Each ticket you buy directly supports this cause AND gives you a 1 in 50 chance to win fantastic weekly prizes, with a top prize of £25,000!
  • Donate directly to Carers' Resource: visit their website to learn how you can donate or support them with fundraising.
  • Volunteer: Carers' Resource are always on the lookout for individuals to join their team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. Visit their website for a list of current volunteering opportunities. 

Thank you for being a valued member of THE LOCAL LOTTO family. Together, we can empower unpaid carers in our community and ensure they receive the support and recognition they truly deserve. 

Players must be 18 years or over. Please play responsibly. 

Our causes are on track to raise £48,890.40 this year

17.36% Complete

1,567 tickets of our 9,025 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £48,890.40 this year

17.36% Complete

1,567 tickets of our 9,025 ticket goal