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Another Bloomin £2,000 winner!!

Congratulations to a supporter of Darley in Bloom who only went and won a blooming £2,000 at the weekend!! We asked the winner how he felt after his win. "We are very happy to take part in THE...

20 April 2021

Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall supporter wins £250!!

Congratulations to one of our March LOCAL LOTTO prize winners who won £250 for supporting his local Memorial Hall that is at the heart of the community. Mr N from Hampsthwaite said; "What a lo...

01 April 2021

THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District supports ten local groups keep going during lockdown

Groups heard this week about the outcome if their recent applications to THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District. Ten local charities from across the Harrogate District were funded, with £37,8...

15 March 2021

One supporter has had a Happy New Year! Another £2,000 winner!!

Congratulations to one of our New Year winners of £2,000, Mrs W, who plays THE LOCAL LOTTO in support of Harrogate Neighbours. We asked our lucky winner to tell us how she felt when she found ou...

03 February 2021

£2000 winner shares recent triumph and why they support THE LOCAL LOTTO

Congratulations to our recent £2000 winner, Mr H, who plays THE LOCAL LOTTO in support of Harrogate Homeless Project. We asked our lucky winner to tell us how he felt when he found out the news...

15 December 2020

The LOCAL LOTTO 2019-2020

It’s been another amazing year for THE LOCAL LOTTO (TLL) and it has continued to develop and sustain even during the most challenging of times. More local groups have signed up to use the platfo...

07 December 2020

THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District is now OPEN for applications!

Established in 2018 THE LOCAL FUND is a grant funding scheme available only to local Harrogate district voluntary and community sector groups and organisations. The fund supports projects and activiti...

17 November 2020

SPOTLIGHT: Harrogate Homeless Project has been a lifeline during the pandemic

During the lockdown, Harrogate Homeless Project (HHP) has continued to offer services to people who are experiencing homelessness in the district. Liz from the charity told us how they have reacted to...

12 August 2020

SPOTLIGHT: Happy Wanderers Ambulance Organisation impacted by Covid-19

Happy Wanderers provides transport to older people and disabled people, who have special transport needs and are unable to use public transport or taxi services. Les from the charity told the Local Lo...

06 August 2020

SPOTLIGHT: The Forest School providing vital learning support during Covid-19

During the pandemic The Forest Special School has been open for children of key workers. This means that teachers, support staff, admin, cleaning and catering staff have all played their part in keep...

29 July 2020

Our causes are on track to raise £58,936.80 this year

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