THE LOCAL FUND is now CLOSED for grants

Tue 6 August 2019
THE LOCAL FUND is now CLOSED for grants

THE LOCAL FUND is now closed for applications to award grants of between £200 and £3000 to local charitable and community organisations in the Harrogate District. To find out more about the fund please visit .


Priority will be given to applicants who can clearly demonstrate they are working to address one of the below themes that have been identified within the Harrogate District Vital Signs report:

Inequality and hidden poverty

Loneliness and social isolation

Health and wellbeing


Thanks go to all the good causes that use THE LOCAL LOTTO to generate funds as 10p in the £1 goes into the wider community pot and is administered through THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District. This year £12,000 generated from THE LOCAL LOTTO ticket sales will be allocated through THE LOCAL FUND.

Funds raised this year


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