THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District grant recipients

£55,340 allocated to 23 community groups through THE LOCAL FUND

15 November 2023

THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District has recently distributed £55,340 among 23 charitable community organisations, signifying continuous support for the local community. These funds play a crucial role in helping these organisations strengthen their efforts to support and assist the people living throughout the former Harrogate district. 

A significant portion of this funding comes from contributions made through THE LOCAL LOTTO, where an impressive £30,000 from annual ticket sales directly contributes to the fund, increasing the resources available to sustain the community sector. 

The grants aim to meet diverse needs, assisting small organisations in making a significant impact. They cover a range of initiatives aimed at providing engaging activities for older individuals, offering essential support and care to rural communities, combatting loneliness and isolation, and enhancing mental health and wellbeing for those facing economic hardships. 

Noteworthy among the recipients is Lifeline in Harrogate, which received £2,600 towards its essential fortnightly lunch club. This initiative supports individuals experiencing homelessness or vulnerable housing situations, creating a space for shared meals and companionship, where even former residents find encouragement and support. 

Boroughbridge and District Community Care, with their £3,000 grant, focuses on training befriending volunteers, extending a helping hand to individuals battling loneliness or isolation due to various circumstances, including dementia, disabilities, or bereavement. 

Other beneficiaries, such as Knaresborough Museum Association, Open Country, and Taking Baby Steps, are utilising their grants for innovative projects - ranging from community outreach programs on local heritage to fostering outdoor experiences for mental health and wellbeing and providing specialised support for parents facing pregnancy or baby loss. 


Celia McKeon, Chief Executive of Two Ridings Community Foundation, further highlighted the profound impact these community groups have on the district's wellbeing: 

“Once again, a massive thank you to the council, and local businesses and individuals who generously donate to THE LOCAL FUND and everyone that plays THE LOCAL LOTTO to make the grant-making possible. We are delighted that 23 small community groups benefit, because we know they make a huge impact on the wellbeing of local people all over the district.

This round of funding has been really interesting and far reaching, distributing grants to address rural isolation alongside activities and support in the local towns.

There is always room for new donors to get involved in THE LOCAL FUND and there is still the opportunity to match fund at THE LOCAL FUND, essentially doubling your giving. If local people and businesses want their charitable giving to benefit the communities they live in, investing in THE LOCAL FUND is a great option.” 

Katherine Odom, the Grants Coordinator at Two Ridings, reflected on the rewarding process of evaluating applications and witnessing local decisions shaping community improvements:

“I love reading through all the applications we receive and preparing all the paperwork to give the panel a real insight into who requires funding. It’s always interesting going to a panel meeting and hearing how local people make decisions on what would work best for their local area. 
We were delighted to be generously hosted by Ripon Walled Garden on this occasion and want to thank them very much for that.” 
THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District has been operating since 2017, supporting local community groups and charities across the former district to enhance the lives of residents. It is backed by a partnership involving North Yorkshire Council, Harrogate & District Community Action, and Two Ridings Community Foundation. 

Despite changes to local government boundaries in 2023, it remains an enduring legacy of former Harrogate Borough Council, committed to continually benefiting the local community. 

To find out more about the fund and the grants made please visit   

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Our causes are on track to raise £48,890.40 this year

17.36% Complete

1,567 tickets of our 9,025 ticket goal